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Institutional demand for Cryptocurrency increases.


The recent drop of Bitcoin from the December-records of $20,000 to nearly 70% of it, is highly depressing. However, this seems to have a positive outcome in renewing the interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin and the Crypto sector.

The analyst of Crypto campus, Mr Jeffrey Van de Leemput, has affirmed the increased interest in digital coins from the institutional investors by saying, “serious money is now entering the market for the first time…a couple days ago I helped set up a 200k BTC transaction for Chinese buyers… Soros, etc., are coming in, we will now see the start of the real bubble”.

The CEO of Smart Valor, Olga Feldmeier, assured that a hike above $8,000 is a confirmation of the coming bull phase for which a huge number of traders are eagerly waiting for and they shall now be fully supportive of it.

The CEO of Block Tower Capital, Ari Paul commented,  that the the Crypto surge is inevitable and that as an asset class, it is hard to deny of crypto’s alpha opportunity.

Mr. Pounce,  another eminent crypto enthusiast, said that the unpredictable notion in the legacy markets might increase bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrency’s demand among institutional investors. He stated, “If there is a significant pullback in the equity markets, there will be an inflow of money into uncorrelated assets, or assets that lie outside the reach of the traditional financial system in which cryptocurrencies are a potential alternative. The inflow of institutional capital to the cryptocurrency market, due to the increase in regulation and investor protection, could lead cryptocurrencies to a positive quarter”.

Tim McCourt of the CME Group has publicly stated that the trading volumes of Bitcoin are increasing with each passing month. He strongly believes that the increased regulation is fetching in more number of institutional investors in the Crypto arena.


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