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Investor Rush to Buy Land in Liberstad


The anarcho-capitalist city, Liberstad has been gaining traction recently, with 112 people having bought land plots in the region. It is against taxation and has slowly been attracting libertarians from around the world.It is located close to Kristiansand in Southern Norway. The buyers of the plots vary in their nationalities and come from 28 different countries. The demand is so high that there is even a waiting list comprising of 500 hopeful candidates.

The plots are sold for as little as 75,000 Norwegian Kronor, or $9,400 dollars for 1,000 m2, and as much as 375,000 NOK ($47,100 USD) for 5,000 m2. There is the facility to pay using 27 different cryptocurrencies.  The team working behind the project plans on handing over the completed homes by 2020.

The project envisions itself as  “a voluntary, profit-based, private enterprise that offers protection of life, freedom and property within a particular area.” According to its founders,  a private city is not a utopian idea but a business model in which the main elements are already known and simply transferred to “the market for living together”.

A year ago,John Holmesland and Sondre Bjellås, bought the Tjelland farm in the municipality of Marnardal, where the city is located. They have been actively promoting it on social media and on the blog of the city. In a recent update they announced that local authorities had granted concession and permission for ownership of the agricultural property where the city is being developed.

According to John Holmesland  Liberstad was inspired by Atlantic Station,which is  a similar project within the city of Atlanta in the US state of Georgia. Him and is co-founder plan on making all public services available via private sector. The police force, fire fighting department, water utility comapny are expected to be run by private companies.


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