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IPSX, the Blockchain VPN to Continue the Fight for Net Neutrality


The discussions about the end of Net Neutrality coming nearer seem to be everywhere these days.

It is for good reason too, as it seems that despite immense opposition from those who support indiscriminate access to the internet across all of the U.S., the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) might just get away with repealing Net Neutrality regulations, giving internet service providers (ISPs) full control over manipulating speeds, charging higher fees for access to certain data, or cutting access to specific websites and making them available only when you pay for them.

By the aforementioned explanation, it is clear that even those who knew nothing about Net Neutrality before would now like to support it just so they could access the internet – a necessity – without having to worry about excess charges if they would want the same speed and access across all regular websites.

Seeing how dire the situation could be, people have been demanding for alternative solutions to come to light if Net Neutrality does end up getting repealed, but even the most intricate of virtual private networks (VPNs) might not be able to slip past the ISPs against these requirements.

Therefore, when a blockchain based platform promised that it could actually help ensure that people could have the same access to the internet as they did with Net Neutrality, it naturally garnered interest in this political climate.

Here comes ipsx, the blockchain that changes ips and acts as a vpn

IPSX, the decentralized blockchain network that completed its token sale recently, aims to resolve the aforementioned issues by its unique services.

Simply described, the IPSX is a VPN on blockchain, with the added security and transparency which the blockchain technology has to offer.  

By offering access to real time IP addresses from across the world through its blockchain platform, IPSX offers its users the opportunity to bypass censorship and any other restrictions, such as those which might come into effect without Net Neutrality.

And if that is not all, interested users can actually move forward with sharing their own IP address with the community members to be used just like how they are leveraging other IP addresses themselves, and get paid in the network’s native token for the rendered service.

ipsx is easy to use and allows vpn like access to restricted sites through blockchain

By simply installing an application, users would be able to leverage the blockchain platform’s services by using another IP address when they need to, and share their own IP address if they are comfortable with doing so.

All that is needed in order to utilize the service is the network’s IPSX token.

The network aims to launch its fully fledged operations by the end of this year, and the community behind it is propagating it as the primary solution which the U.S. citizens need in this time of threatened internet access.



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