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Iranian authorities to issue a possible ban on Telegram.


Telegram’s initial coin offering has caused a lot of chaos amidst the Iranian leaders and the conflict has given rise to a possible ban on Telegram. About a week ago, the Iranian member of parliament, Mr Alaeddin Boroujerdi stated that the authorities are planning on blocking Telegram by the 20th of April due to the concern that Telegram’s digital coins may sabotage the value of their national currency. However, Mr President, Hassan Rouhani has been found speaking against this speculated ban.

The head of Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, has demanded a ban on the messenger app, Telegram. He has stated that the decision to replace the “Telegram App by a domestic app” has been made by the eminent officials. The domestic app mentioned by him is an application named Soroush which does not even have 10% of Telegram’s user base.

Hassan Firouzabadi, the secretary of Iran’s High Council for Cyberspace, supported the ban and said, “Telegram never [agreed] to have an office in Iran and refused to work with the private sector [in Iran] and it is an enemy of the private sector… Telegram is not a dominant messenger in any country except for Iran. […] Telegram has officially announced that it will be used as an economic platform and Telegram will undermine the national currency of Iran. We cannot allow [Telegram’s virtual] currency enter the country”.

Mr. Firouzabadi said that the Crypto prodigy will last for about ten years and “during this period, approximately $50 billion [USD] will be withdrawn from the country. But if the price […] declines overnight, people will protest why there wasn’t any monitoring of it”.

Ban or No Ban?

Moreover, the head of Iran’s parliamentary judicial commission, Jalili Rahimi Jahanabadi, has refused to believe that the Telegram ban was discussed in a parliament interaction.The member of Parliament, Mr Tayebeh Siavoshi said that the possibility of the ban is present but he stands strongly against it as he believes that blocking is not the solution to the existing problems.


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