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Ivy League Joins In – Cryptocurrency Classes and Clubs are Gaining Popularity


The recent news of two schools, the DePaul University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, being on their way to offering cryptocurrency-centric courses was very well received by the cryptocurrency community.

The reaction was so positive because the actions of these institutions showed that the world has come a long way since cryptocurrencies were thought of as only a means to supplement illicit activities, since more people back then found it easier to blame the technology rather than the people who used it.

While that perception has not been eradicated completely – with Visa’s CFO still calling cryptocurrencies the preferred payment method of criminals – these steps show that the view is changing within the younger generation, and initiatives like this one would go a long way into continuing to establish that.

ivy league schools and cryptocurrency

Not just the schools in Chicago are embracing the knowledge of cryptocurrencies, but Ivy League schools such as Yale have also been reported to have started looking into blockchain based courses, the details of which could unfold in the next few months.

Meanwhile, Princeton University has actually already started offering a course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies. Whereas, Harvard Business School currently has an active student club by the name of Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.


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