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Jameson Lopp Fetched by Casa, a High-end Cryptocurrency Wallet


The exponential growth of the cryptocurrency world also means that it will have all sorts of customer segments in the future. The newbies who are trying out cryptocurrency trading, the seasoned investors who have “been there, done that”, and the “hodlers” who keep holding onto their precious cryptocurrency, not wanting to part ways with it.

All sorts of products are also being developed for each of these customer segments. One of such products is Casa, a high-end wallet service for the crypto-rich that have a tendency to “hodl” a vast amount of coins and thus are in need of just as extensive of a security service.

The company has just nabbed Jameson Lopp, a high level individual from the cryptocurrency community, who before this move was working as the lead engineer at BitGo.

One of the major reasons behind Casa’s move were no doubt to raise the public and technical profile of its venture, since the high-end security which it provides for those rich in cryptocurrency is also reported to come with a hefty annual maintenance fee.

The venture had been in news recently for having raised $2.1 million in new investment against its first product launch.

Lopp, who could have been led by his reported share of arguments with BitGo’s co-founder and CEO, Mike Belshe, is a notable figure in blockchain security and brings years of experience to the table for Casa. Despite his reported disagreements with his former boss, he stated that he sees a “bright future for the BitGo team”.

Casa aims to attract high profile hodlers to its new venture with its security and usability features. With the recent publicity that Casa has been getting and with the latest move of getting Lopp on its side, the venture could be well on its way to be a prime service in the industry for those who need it.


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