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Jane Street is now trading in Bitcoins.


Wall Street’s proprietary firm, Jane Street, has declared that trading in Bitcoin Cash is now possible in their firms. The company is widely known for it’s Secretive trading with the exchanges and Jane Street affirms that they are sure to get involved in Cryptos if the cryptocurrency Industry faces the brighter side.

The company functions in New York City, Hong Kong and London. An approx amount of $8-13 billion is traded by the company, mostly in Bonds, Futures, and different investments. It has often been referred by various media outlets as one of the most secretive companies which works with huge volume of trades, roughly about 1 million a day.
The market activities in commodity, security and currency is very alluring in the today’s crypto-times to firms like Jane Street. Bitcoin Cash can acquire almost 10% in arbitrage between the trading outlets. No information regarding how it trades BTC has been provided by the company but it has assured that if the cryptocurrency sector remains as prosperous as it claims to be, the company will surely be an active participant of it.

“Jane Street trades over 56,000 products globally across a wide variety of asset classes, including bitcoin,” the firm stated.

The world Economic Forum was held in Davos this year and Blanfein stated that if customers traded in BTC, they would help them in the procedure. He also assured of clearing the futures for their clients. He added, “We’re a prime broker and so if our clients are going to do it, we’re going to do it”.

Jane Street makes use of Ocamlprogramming language as this helps the traders understand the exchange better and trade according to the state of the market. However, the company and it’s people have not revealed how it trades in Crypto and this is still a mystery to the world.


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