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Kalingrad’s latest offerings to Bitcoin miners.


If you are a Crypto miner who is eager to set your own mining company in western Russia, do not dive into the overwhelming fear of how to proceed. All you need to do is invest a minimal amount of $17,000, that is, 1 million rubles and the Kalingrad Oblast will offer full support and profitable services to your company.

According to Deputy Prime Minister of Kalingrad Oblast, Mr Alexandr Shenderyuk-Zhidkov, partial Tax exemption on property and profits plus a few incentives are the profitable treatments offered to the miners. Moreover, the authorities are conducting meetings to discuss the reduced expenses for power supply in the mining area.
In the Crypto Environment conference, held in Moscow, Zhidkov assured of creating a suitable opportunity and environment for Crypto enthusiasts in the region. The governor of Kalingrad, Anton Alihanov, speculated that the region might turn out to be a huge mining farm with increased investments and infrastructure.

The miners have also been asked to come an settle in North Russia at their own convenience. The low temperature of Russia actually is a blessing in disguise for the mining sector since the hardware needs extreme Cooling. The cheap electricity serves as the cherry on a cake.

It is advised to construct the mining farms in Murmansk Oblast since there’s enough power generating ccapacity with cheaper electricity rates available. It has been speculated that population as well as infrastructure are soon to grow rapidly in the area.

In the annual meet at the Federal Assembly of Russia, President Vladimir Putin said: “We have to formulate our own digital platforms, compatible with the global information space, of course. This will allow us to organize production processes, financial and technological services in a new way, including through the implementation of the distributed ledger technology”.

With the Government as enthusiastic as Putin’s, in establishing digitalization in Russia,a flourishing and progressive economy is just a matter of time.


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