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Kazakhstan’s Interest is increasing in Cryptocurrencies, Yandex Reports


According to Yandex, the world’s most popular Russian language search engine, search queries from Kazakhstan show that its residents’ interest in cryptocurrency has increased by 15 times as compared to 2017.

Providing details on the research, local news outlet reported that just in the first two months of 2018, users from Kazakhstan made 15 times more inquiries with the word “cryptocurrency” in them as compared to last year.

Some of the involved terms included words such as cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency mining courses, and cryptocurrency purchase.

Some of the other most recorded search queries were about Bitcoin and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

It was also mentioned that the first significant surge in cryptocurrency related search queries was recorded in June 2017, when the search phrase of “what is blockchain” started to come up in trends. The same trend was recorded later in 2017 – which makes sense as Bitcoin had been on the rise just then.

The phrase “how to buy cryptocurrency” was also one of the highest searched queries.

In addition to this, the people interested in cryptocurrency mining could also be searching for related products, as the number of searches for “video cards for mining”, “how to buy graphics card” and “how to buy a video card” showed an increase as well.

It was mentioned that the interest in these queries continues to grow, so it would not be surprising if Kazakhstan follows the footsteps of South Korea and becomes a hub for cryptocurrencies in the future.


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