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Kenya’s 4G Capital Announces Tokenized Cryptocurrency Bond


Cryptocurrencies are certainly holding true to their promise of being a prime digital asset regardless of border restrictions.

This notion got newfound support when a Kenyan fintech company, 4G Capital, was reported to have been planning a tokenized cryptocurrency bond.

kenya could see its first cryptocurrency bond very soon

As reported by the Financial Times, 4G Capital, which focuses on providing financial solutions and microfinance opportunities to the citizens of Kenya, is currently developing a tokenized bond that will help introduce cryptocurrencies to the informal economy of the region.

By doing this, the company aims to continue on its mission to connect the African economy to the rest of the world and establish solutions that could work as a bridge between the more conventional functions of the existing financial structure of the region and the digital assets that are considered by many as the future of global finance.

It was mentioned that the token’s first issuance would be around $10 million with coupons of around 10 percent. However, since the project is still in the initial phase, these details could change further.

Through these solutions, the company plans to help its customers benefit from the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies, and gradually adopt them into their day to day operations.


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