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License given to 16 crypto exchanges in Venezuela.


Mr Nicholas Maduro,the President of Venezuela, has declared that the pre-sale of Petro, Venezuela’s digital currency, has come to an end. According to Mr Maduro, about 3 billion dollars worth of Cryptos have been sold and a total of sixteen Cryptocurrency exchanges have been approved by the government.

Easier Petro trading now:

A newspaper daily of Venezuela stated that Mr Maduro has “authorized the certification of 16 exchange houses for cryptocurrencies”. This will mark the economic upheaval of the country since the Petro trading will be easier now in the International crypto community.

The sixteen crypto exchanges that have been approved by the government are Criptocapital, Italcambio, Criptoexchainge, Criptoactivo Menets CA, Criptolago, sesoría Financiaera CA, Criptoventraige CA,, Criptomundo Casa de Intercambio CA, Criptoactivo Bancar CA, Criptoactivo Cripes, Amberes Coin, Valoratta Casa de Bolsa, Cave Blockchainge, Inversiones Financieras 1444 CA, Criptoactivo Cripes.

Trust vested in Petro:

Providing  license to the exchanges show that the country has vested its trust and self-assurance in the Petros. The country will now give vent to solid transactional volumes and liquidity.

Coinsecure is an Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange that has been certified by Venezuela. Mr Mohit Kalra, the chief executive of the company, stated, “Venezuela wanted to add Petro as a cryptocurrency on Coinseure, so they can trade Petro against bitcoin and the rupee”.

30% discount on Petro:

Mohit Kalra has added to this by saying that the Indian Government has been given an offer by the Venezuelan authorities to avail 30% discount on buying the Petros.

The President, Mr Maduro has also assured that he will actively participate in the promotion of the digital coins. He has also confirmed that fuels can be bought by any national or International airlines in exchange of Petro as he signed the official documents “to create an Industrial and Economic Investment Fund in Petro and I have already contributed, for now 8.5 million Petro equivalent of $510 million for credit loans.”


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