Litecoin valuation rises five times more than Bitcoins.

Although the year has started rough for Bitcoin, it has been gratifying for another popular digital currency. The virtual Currency named Litecoin has risen to more than 8,000 percent in the last year. This steep rise is a faster increase than Bitcoin’s. In December, Litecoin rose up to approximately $325 from a mere $4. People’s increasing preference for Cryptocurrencies is due to Bitcoin’s market demand in the last year. Other Crypto trading currencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin has augmented it’s business, with people sensing the global phenomenon that this digital currency world is about to become. Litecoin was founded in 2011 as a reciprocal choice to Bitcoin. It supports secure money transaction just like Bitcoin. But the plus of Litecoin lies in the fact that it generates information four times faster than Bitcoin. Not only does it allow faster trading but also has a noticeable lower fee than Bitcoin, approximately under $1. Another fact which makes Litecoin more trustworthy than Bitcoin, is it’s non-anonymous creator. Unlike Bitcoin, which got released in the market under a pseudonymous founder, Litecoin possesses a significant Google engineer, Mr Charlie Lee as it’s creator. Litecoin transactions are similar to that of Bitcoin. Creating a wallet and following a number of security steps is an easy start to store the virtual Currency. With Litecoin surging it’s price higher, options to buy and store Litecoins is increasing too. The number of online market places has significantly increased with the popularity of Cryptocurrencies spreading like a wild fire. Although Litecoin seems to excel in it’s trading right now, it is unlikely to rise the valuation any higher. Lee made a public comment saying “Sorry to spoil the party, but I need to reign in the excitement a bit. The market needs time to consolidate. That’s just my experience from seven years of watching this space… People need to be aware of this possibility and invest responsibly.”