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MediChain, the Medical Big Data Blockchain Platform


With the growing usage of blockchain technology, it is no wonder that it is being adapted by sectors that are far from cryptocurrency and finance.

Which is why it was not a shocker when MediChain, a blockchain based medical data platform, announced its plans to become one of the first big data centric medical platforms that is based on the security, efficiency, and next generation functionalities of blockchain.

How will this medical blockchain platform work?

MediChain aims to store an extraordinary amount of user data on its platform, with which it would provide users complete control over their own medical data with the ease of sharing it wherever they want, so that they can share their health records with any hospital or medical professional without having to request their previous physician or hospital network for that information and waiting for it.

With this, MediChain will also provide such users the ability to make their data anonymous and share it with medical and healthcare institutions for research purposes, which would go a long way into aiding research for various conditions and diseases.

The company also has its native token which is used to utilize various functions on its platform. The token is currently being distributed through its initial coin offering (ICO), which will end on May 1, 2018.



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