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Monex’s plans to revive the controversial crypto exchange Coincheck


Coincheck has formally turned into a completely owned arm of Monex Group on April 16, local media detailed after the mammoth online securities firm consented to contribute 3.6 billion yen (~US$33.55 million) in the procurement of the exchange. Monex is among Japan’s biggest online brokerage firms, whose contenders include SBI Securities, Rakuten Securities, Matsui Securities and

Monex CEO Oki Matsumoto disclosed to Coincheck’s workers, as revealed by Business Insider Japan, “There are no personnel changes,” adding that Monex will regard the compensations and treatment of Coincheck’s representatives as integral and won’t “change the organization name or logo, and focus on continuity.” Citing that he trusts the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) will allow the new Coincheck enlistment “inside two months”

The business improvement order issued by the FSA under the fund settlement law commands both key administrators of Coincheck, CEO Koichiro Wada and COO Yusuke Otsuka, to leave from the organization’s Board of Directors.

“While leaving is the necessity as per the Financial Services Agency, Mr. Wada and Mr. Otsuka stay as official officers,” the news outlet noted. Executive officers decide issues pertaining to everyday administration. For critical issues, the Board of Directors, comprising of Monex staff, holds the veto now.

Monex COO Toshihiko Katsuya will be appointed the leader of Coincheck while Matsumoto will likewise fill in as the director.

Wada reported:

“I and Otsuka will resign as of April 16, however I will keep on fulfilling my duties as an executive officer for the advancement of the business and the insurance of clients’ assets.”

Invalidating reports that Coincheck was “bought cheaply,” the CEO of Monex Group was cited by Nikkei:

“Coincheck is an organization that isn’t a registrant of the FSA with litigation. From the sound judgment of listed companies, the acquisition is a considerable risk.”


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