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More Than 400,000 Computers Hacked With Mining Malware


Hackers attacked more than 400,000 personal computers on a large scale attempt to spread a cryptocurrency mining malware. The hackers took into account the usage of sophisticated trojans to contaminate personal computers in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and various other countries. The distributed assault hit the computers and lasted for more than 12 hours.

Various antivirus software tried hard to defend the computers from the complicated and complex malicious software for more than 12 hours on March 6.  According to a report generated by Microsoft, the majority of the attack took place in Russia with a section of around 73% of the total attacked computers. The attack was followed by Turkey with 18% and Ukraine with 4% of the total attacks. Apart from these few more countries witnessed the attack.

More than 80,000 instances of various revolutionary trojans that exhibited advanced cross-process injection techniques, mechanisms and evasion methods were blocked by windows defender. The research team of Microsoft’s Antivirus Software announced the entire scenario in its report. Windows Defender was able to detect the trojan attack at an early stage through the behaviour-based and cloud-powered machine learning models included in it. The antivirus successfully identified the threat and blocked it within few minutes.

The Dofoil malware used in the attack tried to penetrate the explore.exe process of the operating system and infected the malicious code, the Windows Defender team explained in a report. After this, another explorer.exe was supposed to get download and run the cryptocurrency miner masked as a legitimate Windows binary – wuauclt.exe. Microsoft reportedly claimed that Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 computers which were installed with Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials were being protected from the attack automatically.

Hackers are now using malicious scripts which have recently become very popular instruments for stealing computing power in order to mine cryptocurrencies. There have been a large number of attempts to use popular platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Youtube etc. To spread the mining malware all around. Cybersecurity firms have released a number of warnings about these attacks to hack the personal computers and even smartphones with the purpose to mine different coins.


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