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MoxyOne Issues Debit Cards to ICOs


MoxyOne, a blockchain based solution to facilitate initial coin offerings (ICOs), aims to revolutionize the crowdfunding market by providing specialized solutions to companies that issue cryptocurrencies to their users and investors.

The most prominent solution being offered by MoxyOne is its issuance of branded debit cards for ICOs, which can be leveraged by companies to have them issued to their token holders for their ease of use.

The company also provides white label wallet solutions, where interested firms would have the option the utilize its wallet interface and customize it according to their liking before offering them to their users, so that such companies could have professionally branded and customized solutions available for their users without having to spend a whopping sum of money and an unprecedented amount of time on the development of such solutions from scratch.

The MoxyOne platform also offers a slew of other features that can be checked by visiting its whitepaper.

The platform holds its native utility token, SPEND, that would be utilized to use its offered features on the platform.

The company is currently holding its token sale, which began on March 14 and will end in a month on April 14, 2018. The token sale has a hard cap of 24,000 Ether with a minimum goal of 4,000 Ether. In case the minimum goal is not achieved, MoxyOne will issue refunds to its token sale investors.



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