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MyEtherWallet Floats a New Open Source Ethereum Blockchain Explorer


According to official MEW Twitter account post on March 11, MyEtherWallet (Major ethereum wallet provider) has made an official announcement about the launch of the alpha version of the wallets new open source Ethereum blockchain explorer.

At present, the currently running variant of EthVM shows the required data from an Ethereum testnet called Ropsten network. Once EthVM is run on Ethereums main network (mainnet), the product will directly start competing with Etherscan (leading Ethereum block explorer at present)

While the official announcement came through a tweet, MEW also asked users to give feedback on the newly built tool by stating “Keep in mind that it’s still in Alpha – please report any issues and suggestions, and help us improve the platform!” According to previous reports, crypto wallets MEW users along with users of Electrum are at present facing phishing attacks.

According to recent research where the Etherereum chain was analyzed, it showed that more than 80 percent of the entire supply of circulation is held by a total of 7,572 addressed. Also, the same report suggests that there is a drop in the price of ETH by an average of 19 percent following each of the five hard forks in the past, over a period of 30 days.



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