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The need for Decentralization today.


Did you ever wonder the possible solutions to the global financial dilemma? Did you ever happen to be curious about the inevitable principles of Crypto world and the ICOs? Well, if you haven’t, it’s time to do so. And the idea to invest your time in passes as “Decentralization”, without which there isn’t any point in developing a blockchain version of any social site.

The global concerns has risen increased regulations and censorship. To combat and resist these challenges, placing the product on a blockchain is a must. Decentralization is capable of exerting so much power that it easily justifies seeking $20 million in a crowdsale. And whether the Cryptocurrencies are actually centralized or not turns to be the real question.


Centralization imposes Censorship and a huge control of the sector in the government’s hand. And what’s the point in making such commitments when it  just has to fall back and tumble under regressive regulations?

An easier way to settle this is to say, had Bitcoin come with an off switch, closing down the darknet sectors would have been effortless.


Decentralization :

Since 2013, the Crypto Industry has journeyed on rough path and traveled a long way into the future. What the sector now needs is a decentralized platform to showcase how progressive and significant it has turned into. An ideal decentralized cryptocurrency is one that has a large number of nodes and validators and will be usable under any circumstances of death, hacks or schisms.

Among the numerous number of ICO projects to launch in next few days, a few of them show potential growth in turning “decentralized” works to look forward to. For instance, Shopin is globally, the first shopping site founded on a blockchain.

However, any ICO which states itself as Decentralized needs to be under supervision whether it is actually beneficial and worthy of being made what it claims to be.

And even if decentralization seems to be a piece of cake,  it’s functionality is definitely  not.


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