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No identity verification for “Hodl Hodl”.


Amidst all the amendments on identity verification that are being put to use, many people are looking forward to a decentralized exchange that do not demand a Know-Your-Customer(KYC) verification. “Hodl Hodl”  is one such platform that has introduced its Beta version in February, allowing the traders to exchange the Cryptos with no regulatory requirements.

Beta version is out:

‘Hodl Hodl’ is based on a P2P system that introduced its Beta version in February. It allows the traders to exchange the coins without any assistance of a third party. For the time being, it allows access to only two digital coins, BTC and LTC. More additions to the launch will be coming soon.

No verification required for Hodl Hodl:

“Hodl Hodl” does not seek any verification of identity and allows direct trading between the buyer and the seller. Payment options include Moneygram, Skill, credit cards, Vento, Ali pay and a few others. One has to fill the trading details such as as location, the amount to be sold, payments modes and types. The buyers on the other hand, will choose the Cryptos and act according to their requirements.

“It shows whether he is fulfilling his obligations to other parties, whether he makes the payment fast, and whether he is responsive.. The Rating system is a useful tool for traders — it is information about how the trader behaved in the past and a reason/incentive to continue to act properly in the future”, stated “Hodl Hodl”.

Beta version to stay until summer, 2018:

The system of “Hodl Hodl” will function in a similar manner to that of ‘escrow-like’ trading outlets. Now the traders are selling BTC upto $10,000 USD but a few have limits between $300-$1500. More digital currencies  are going to get added in the future along with the availability of a better mobile version.


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