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Nvidia graphics mining cards to get launched soon.


According to recent reports, Nvidia is all set to introduce a mining GPU. The graphic units are assigned with appealing features and is expected to lure a lot of miners. As far as the specifications are concerned, the Inno3D card is developed on the gaming GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

New graphics card for Mining Ethash Coins.

Nvidia, one of the best video processing hardware companies, has preponed the launch of it’s mining graphics card. With the specifications leaked out, it is expected to be a clone of the gaming card with customized features added for the Crypto miners. The gaming card is influenced by the older version of “Pascal” chips which used to be set in GTX 1080 Ti and Titan cards. The mining card is said to have increased memory capacity and conduct faster performances but it is not going to have a video display.

The Nvidia’s P104-100 cards have a staunch similarity to P102-100 GPUs. The cards possess CUDA cores 3200 and a memory of 5GB. 400GB/s memory bandwidth is provided with a 320bit interface and 1582MHz base clock. The maximum power limit is 250 watt. No update has been provided regarding the price of the cards.

These GPUs are made for operations on Ethash Coins mining and have highlighted the increased demand for Crypto sector. This has led the manufacturers to put in their own measures. As per reports, Nvidia has sold more than 3 million graphics cards to miners, last year. The sales were a whooping amount of $776 million. AMD declared that it had to fasten up the production in order to meet the customer demand.

The recent market trends and the regulations have turned the companies concerned regarding the sell. Nvidia decided to postpone its release of “Turing” as a result of it. But as per recent news, it seems like Nvidia is all ready to enter the market race with it’s customized setup of the mining cards.

Another good news is on it’s way, since Nvidia has decided to launch another product for the miners soon.


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