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The demand for cryptocurrency has been there in the queue from the beginning. Every class and section of the society has been enjoying the perks of cryptocurrency all over the world. But are the GPU manufactures now worried about the positions of the gamers in the market?

Realising the overcrowding demand of cryptocurrency among the miners, NVIDIA Corporation came forward to protect the gamers in the line. NVIDIA Corporation, the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) manufacturer, is now ready to take steps to safeguard the gamers over miners. Nvidia has requested the retailers in the market to give a thought over limiting the GPU sales to the cryptocurrency miners and is asking them to make efforts to hand over the maximum production to the gamers instead of miners.

The motive behind all these efforts is to come out of the loopholes which are responsible for extreme price gouging and sever supply shortages. It has been observed that the cryptocurrency miners are these days compressing all the gamers out of the GPU market in basically three crucial ways.

  • The very first of them is that the ASIC manufactures such as Bitmain purchase a plenty amount of chips and other materials from the foundries such as TSMC. This results in fewer production possibilities and capability for NVIDIA.
  • The second one includes the availability of the large quantities of GPUs to the big mining farms. It has been reportedly noticed that few factories of China avail a very large amount of GPUs to those mining farms even before they land into the market.
  • Third, some small professional miners used to buy the cards from the retailers or online in a huge number which prevents the cards to reach to the gamers and results in the increase of the prices of the cards as well

In order to control the illegal use of cryptocurrency and maintain the dignity of the gamers in the market, it became necessary for the manufacturers to safeguard the production of GPUs. In response to this, a German review of Graphics cards distributes has claimed that they have found out that four out of six retailers have put some severe limits on Nvidia’s Geforce brand over the past few months. The manufacturer expects that by restricting the number of cards per order to a limit of two or three, they can demoralize the cryptocurrency miners. They hope that all this could help them in transferring the maximum produce in the hands of the gamers.




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