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How to plan your ICO in 2018?


The rise of the Cryptocurrency sector in this age of technological upheaval is unceasable. With this, the initiatives to promote Initial Coin Offerings has also risen. But before you start promoting you must know how to plan your ICO. Blockchain news are the prime information provided by various media outlets. Crypto fanatics are proudly awaiting the Telegram Company to top and become the biggest ICO in history as it is about to collect $5 billion.

The developed marketing strategies and increased investments has multiplied the chances of ICOs’ success. All you have to do is generate a public prototype and grant an agreement from the communities. The fundraising campaign needs to be dealt with weighty importance to let the ICO not fail. The average price needed to execute and plan your ICO promotion starts at about $280,000 plus the fees for legal procedures.

The motive of this article is to provide an insight into prices for this year.

1)ICO Listing options

Type 1: Vest responsibility in an agency

Total cost: $25,000

Their offerings:

• At least 10 popular ICO listings

• Paid options included

Type 2 : Do it yourself

Total cost: approximately $15,000

Top options’ cost:

• — 0.02 BTC

• — 0.3 BTC

• — Free

• — starts from $10000

Agencies which rate the ICOs:

Companies which look out for ICOs and offer ratings are available. Proper documents and investment details shall be provided so that you receive an idea about what to offer.

• — 1 BTC for report

• — $20,000 for report

• — Starts from 0.4 BTC


The first step is to aim for the sky and invest sumptuously. Then place your ICO on Coinschedule and receive ratings from ICORatings, Digrate or any other agencies. This will allow you to find the loopholes of your ICO and make necessary adjustments. ICO ratings appear and dissappear on a daily basis so gain as much traffic as you possibly can.

According to Brian Kean, the lead Business Development Officer at, it is essential to make the project well “packed”. All necessary documents should be written in the language understandable to the investors. 2018 will have more professional investors and more people will be placing their bets on ICOs. So, it is extremely important to develop cordial relations with investors and organize all necessary one-to-one meetings.

Yaroslav Lunev, Strategy Head at Merklion Agency stated that he likes ICO bench and ICOdrops because they know what they’re doing and people trust their work.

2. Advertising

Type 1Vest the responsibility in an agency

Total cost: from $150,000

Their offerings :

• Social media advertisement campaigns

• Expertise in Crypto ads

Type 2 : Do it yourself

Total cost: ~$3,000/ month for ad managements plus extras

Social media sites available :

• Facebook, Google, Twitter ad campaigns


Start from the beginning by putting ads in traditional social media sites like Facebook and Google. Gradually, move towards structured and well built crypto networks.

Yaroslav Lunev, Strategy Head at Merklion Agency said, that finding bitcoin on the street is easier than finding it on professional ad manager. Place your bets on an expert. Choose an agency with proper information and start the work. If the idea is liked by them, pay them either by tokens or hire an ad manager so that he/she can continue agency jobs during the sale period.

3. Events

Place your focus on this as this will be the platform where you can communicate with investors to get the investment. Crowd capital will simply follow if the big investors are ready to commit to your initiative.

Upcoming 2018 events:



A few more:



Type 1 : Vest the responsibility in an agency

Total cost: from $20,000

Their offerings:

• Investor relation management.

Type 2 : Do it yourself

Total cost: from $10,000

Be familiar with the networking and prepare a transparent plan for raising the money.


Communicate with the event managers online before meeting them face to face. Build a cordial relation and stock them up with detailed information. Prepare your presentation well before time and keep following up. This will take time. Don’t loose hope.

4. Reach out to Public Relation Coordinators and Media vents

When you feel that you are ready with your site, reach out to the PRs and initiate the online promotion.

Type 1 : Vest the responsibility in an agency

Total cost: from $50,000

A minimum of two press releases from their end and upto 5 articles in popular blockchains should be expected from them.

Type 2 : Do it yourself

Total cost: cannot be determined. It depends.

Be ready to develop quality content and widely distribute it. Try and work with popular companies like bitcoinprbuzz as they have amazing prices and great packages.


Do not compromise on the quality of your content. Attractive contents will sell in no time and vents will publish them with their own initiative. Have a settled budget for the press release and sum it up at a range of $10,000-$20,000. But again, good contents need no extra effort to go viral.

5. Specialized Forums and SMM

Type 1 : Vest the responsibility in an agency.

Total cost: from $30,000

Work with Reddit and Bitcointalk. Invest on proper campaign.

Type 2 : Do it yourself.

Total cost: ~$5,000

Prepare for hiring good managers on Upwork. You can also find efficient managers on Bitcointalk for your campaign.

Outlets to keep in mind:


• Quora discussions.

• LinkedIn professional groups.

• Facebook groups.


The actual investment should focus on moving towards a good signature and excellent campaign. Chances of your efforts to have a positive outcome shall increase only then.

6. Local Advertisements — let the world know.

If you have a budget not as high as mentioned above, opt out for this.

Step 1:

Make a rough sketch of your plan. Decide on your product and content. Reach out to the online sites you want to get the promotion done in. Do a bit of research on their policies before investing.

Step 2:

It’s time to set the rough plan on a well built structure. Plan out each of the articles for the content providers. Provide links to sources and make their work easier.

Step 3:

Invest on an expert blockchain writer and proofreader on Upwork. The prices may vary in between $500-$1000.
Remember this is your only call. Don’t hire to test and waste your plan on nothing.


Contact the websites to publish your content. It might take time. Don’t get impatient. In most cases, you won’t be needing professional sites but it works for a better outcome. You could also work with your own website but less people will be reached through this.

Start early if you are starting all on your own.


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