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PlayHall – A Skill Gaming Blockchain Platform That Lets You Earn In Cryptocurrency


PlayHall is a one of a kind platform which aims to be the first solution of holding regular skill gaming events on its blockchain.

The most effective demonstration of blockchain in a recreational capacity has so far been Cryptokitties, but PlayHall’s objective is to take that one step further and not just show digital pets on a screen, but have player’s involvement in the application to the extent that their winning would always depend on their own skill and not on any algorithmic chance.

blockchain games that will let you earn in cryptocurrency

To make all of this more interesting, the gaming events which PlayHall will hold would also offer real cryptocurrency rewards to the winners, incentivizing the usage of the platform for its users.

By doing this, PlayHall would ensure that it is not just providing its users with a recreational service, but doing so in such a manner that sets it apart from other gaming activities out there.

more details about the games that playhall will offer through its blockchain

The PlayHall platform will hold skill games such as quizzes based on popular sports, as well as classic skill based games like checkers, mahjong, and solitaire. It will also offer action-based skill games such as battle tanks and space battle, so that fans of all genres of skill based games would remain satisfied of the platform’s offerings.

PlayHall made a demo version of these games to be available through the official website, so users could see them in action and familiarize themselves with them.

The platform will house different native tokens for its governance to ensure that its operations keep running smoothly by taking feedback from the community that it will build with time. More information about these functions could be found by going through the platform’s whitepaper.

PlayHall is currently running its pre-sale, which is scheduled to complete starting midnight, March 27, 2018 (Eastern Time).


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