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Poland denies claimed interest in Venezuelan Petro


Venezuela claimed that several countries had shown interest in its oil-backed cryptocurrency, petro. This list included Poland as well. In response to the same, Poland’s Ministry of Finance has promptly refuted any reports citing its interest in petro.

Poland refutes any interest in Petro

Prior to the launch of the petro, Venezuelan Minter of Foreign Trade claimed that Poland was willing to export food and medicine to Venezuela and receive payment in petros.

Gazeta, a local Polish publication asked for a comment from the finance ministry regarding the same. The ministry replied:

“The Ministry of Finance did not receive any letter in this matter…Cryptocurrencies are not issued or guaranteed by the central bank or other state institutions. Therefore, they are not legal tender or currency, they cannot be used to pay tax liabilities and are not widely accepted at commercial and service outlets.”

Rising Scepticism Around Petro

There were other countries that are supposedly interested in the Petro according to the Venezuelan media. The channel Telesur TV pointedly mentioned “Honduras, Norway, Denmark, Vietnam”

Also, the Venezuelan Superintendent of Cryptocurrency mentioned that a lot of investors from Qatar, Turkey and other parts of the Middle East were interested in investing. He also hinted at the participation of Europeans and Americans in it too.

Earlier this month, President Maduro has appealed OPEC countries to join this move to create a platform for oil-backed cryptocurrencies.

Last week the Minister of Popular Power for Economy and Finance tweeted that he had reviewed the economic and financial cooperation with Russia with an emphasis on the petro.

The government has claimed that it has been able to raise $2billion in petro presale in just 2 days. However there is some scepticism whether it has been able to raise any money at all.


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