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Poloniex hiring new talents for improved services.


Over the past few years, the Crypto Industry has faced the challenge of handling the instreaming of a huge number of investors. Poloniex, an US-based digital asset exchange has therefore decided to hire new talents to make improvements in it’s services. The sole aim of this decision-making is to expand it’s foundation all over the world.


Poloniex has been hiring new talents in order to provide a better service to it’s investors. The company has
reported that it is recruiting new members in order to meet with the increasing demand. They are aiming to work on better operations, customer support and technical issues so that the Poloniex customers are not disappointed with their business. In all probabilities, the company will be hiring 25-35 new members to expand the visibility of the company in Asia, and establish new offices in South Korea and Japan.


Cooperating with the regulating bodies is another major goal of Poloniex since they believe in the idea of absolute coherence with the regulators.

“The long-term view is that every form of value on the planet will become a crypto token. We want to offer more markets, more assets, we want to localize it, and launch it in more international markets and, critically, we need to work with the most important regulators”, Mr Jeremy Allaire stated in an interview.


Even though the company is focusing on expanding it’s circle in Asia, attempts at acquiring a better visibility in US market is going on in full swing. Last week, the company stated that their mobile application, Circles Invest, has been made accessible to forty-six US states. Bitcoins, Etherum, Litecoin are some of the digital coins that the app supports.


The company has successfully raised a total of $140 million in the last four years and  has told the media outlets that about one billion worth of trade is handled by them every month.


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