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The Pre-sale of Mini-POS with zero confirmation BCH transactions have started.


Brick and mortar traders can now accept payment in Bitcoin Cash. Thanks to the UK based development team that created a BCH point-of-sale server. The company has initiated a pre-sale and the Mini-POS will start shipping by summer, 2018.

Mini-POS Allows Zero Confirmation BCH transactions In-Store

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is soon going to make a POS server accessible to the brick and mortar traders. The BCH Mini-POS shall be beneficial for small companies and startups. Moreover, the device will allow the traders to receive zero confirmation BCH in store.

“Although it is an internet-connected device, at no point are any private keys stored within Mini-POS server”, states the startup.

Unlike the fiat transactions which needs an additional fees, the costs to use Mini-POS server to accept BCH is zero.

How to use the Mini-POS server?

To use the Mini-POS server, the merchant needs to put down the valuation that has been charged in the terminal application. The server then checks the rates with the local currency rates  and demonstrates a QR code linked with the BCH recipient address. The buyer scans the QR code and presses the send button to make the payment. As zero confirmation fee is accepted by the server, the whole procedure is very fast.

About 10-15 seconds after this, the Mini-POS shows a “Payment Completed” notification and then proceeds to a “Finished” window. Later, the initial welcome page is generated on screen and the device  is ready for it’s next payment.

The device can use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with the ethernet network. Pre-sale has started and the total kit consisting of the Mini-POS and cashier terminal is priced at $200 USD. Along with this, the buyers can also get another Mini-POS for $75 while buying a single Mini-POS device costs around $125.

The startups are rushing to get their own devices and hopefully, the Mini-POS will meet their needs.


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