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Remitano to Introduce BCH Support


Remitano, a Seychelles-based peer-to-peer trading platform, and cryptocurrency remittance provider have recently adopted Bitcoin Cash. The company was highly appreciative of  BCH’s low fees and convenience as a means of exchange.

Dung Huynh, the co-founder of Remitano, stated “While Bitcoin has been suffering from high transaction fees, Bitcoin Cash offers a far cheaper transaction fee. It can, therefore, be more easily used as daily, P2P electronic cash.”

Remitano currently operates in the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. Remitano charges trading fees of 0.5%.

“We believe that Bitcoin Cash can foster crypto payment to the next level and are therefore proud to be the first major P2P exchange that offers this to our users,” said Mr. Huynh.

Bitcoin Cash has recently been taken up by a large number of notable companies operating in the cryptocurrency industry.

There are many instances which show us that, Bitcoin cash is gaining momentum. Recently, Abu Dhabi-based brokerage, ADS Securities, announced the launch of Bitcoin Cash contracts-for-difference (CFD) trading on its platform.

Another significant recent example is Trezor’s indication that efforts are being made by the hardware wallet manufacturer to support Bitcoin Cash’s new Cashaddr address format. In a tweet criticizing Bitcoin Cash for failing to address the similarities between the address formats used by BCH and BTC, Trezor’s co-founder stated that “Cashaddr support is in the standard development process and it’ll be ready when done.”

Bitcoin Cash is currently expected to work again on May 15, 2018. The fork will see the maximum block size increased to “32 MB”, in addition to the implementation of “several bitcoin script operation codes.”



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