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Report – Tefla’s Blockchain Evention Event (Leela Ambience, Gurugram)


Tefla’s organised a blockchain Event at Leela Ambience, Gurugram on the 5th of February 2018. The event was a huge success and a number of significant blockchain enthusiasts attended the conference. The focus of the conference was to expand the scope of stakeholders in the field of Blockchain and Quantum technology as well as to engage in exciting and meaningful discussions of the world changing application of such technology.

The Event organised by Mr Aadil Singh (Founder – Tefla’s) was attended by leaders in blockchain technology including Dr Evan Luthra (Founder EL Group International), Mohak Aggarwal (Founder and CEO Wolfedge Capital), Aman Sanduja (Blockchain speaker, Researcher and Strategist), Varun Sethi (Partner Blockchain Lawyer), Shikha Mehra (Co-Founder Mainchain Research and Consulting) and many more.

The speakers shared their perspectives regarding the blockchain technology and it sure did raise a lot of hopes for the development of blockchain India. One of the speakers, Varun Sethi in an exclusive interview with coinpublish, stated that ‘Access to public money should come with public responsibility. Varun told coinpublish that a three-day long hackathon might be held in the city of Vishakapatnam or Vizag over the next couple of months as confirmed to him by the IT division of the Cheif Minister of Andhra Pradesh.’ This sure is an excellent start to the evolution of blockchain in India.

Following the speech of Varun, Mr Aman Sanduja also dropped light on blockchain technology.  According to him, ‘Blockchain is not god. You have to research before working. He went on to explain how we as Indians do not realise the caliber of blockchain technology. As an example of which, Aman stated that ‘Indian social apps if tokenised, Indian GDP will flourish.’

Shikha Mehra who is the Co-Founder of Mainchain Research and Consulting. it was Shikha Mehra who spoke extensively about women in the blockchain space. in response to ‘encouraging women in the space of blockchain’ told coinpublish that ‘now there are a number of universities around the world offering courses on blockchain which enables you to learn more about this technology sitting at your homes. Women can learn from such courses and then further impart the knowledge to others.

Telfa’s also organised a rapid chat between Shikha Mehra and Dr Evan Luthra towards the end of the conference which bestowed a lot of information and developments in the world of the blockchain. Dr Evan spoke about Startup Studio, an incubator supporting a lot of start-ups. Evan further went on to say that he is open to ideas and encourages everyone with the idea that can make an impact, connect with him. Evan also said that he is very easily available, all you have to do is write him an email. In response to Shikha’s question on how far are we from mainstream adoption of the blockchain, Evan replied by saying that ‘It is not a sprint, It is a marathon.’ He also said that the younger ones would easily absorb the technology as compared to people in their late 50’s.

The event organised by Tefla’s was a grand success and all the blockchain enthusiasts and speakers took the conference to another level. The technology has been appreciated by every attendee in the event and all the pros and cons of Blockchain technology were laid over the table with relevant solutions and ideas to make the technology count. The conference gave a platform to discuss relevant points along with what the need of the hour is in order to make blockchain sustain. However, towards the end of the conference, it was safe to say that an ample amount of work is in progress to make this technology usable and viable all across the globe.


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