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Romanians enthusiastic of the rising Crypto Sector.


The city-dwellers of Romania have turned out to be extremely well-acquainted with Cryptocurrency. Almost 60 percent of the population under 40 are of the opinion that Cryptos are the future of money. About a half of the younger population are interested in trading with virtual coins and the study projects Romania’s increasing awareness of cryptocurrency and they do want to utilize the strength of Crypto to transform their digital economy.

The poll conducted showed that 57 percent of the Romanians living in the city are well aware of cryptocurrencies. 17 percent of the poll-takers have admitted their plans to possess the coins in a short span of time and 8 percent have already traded cryptocurrencies in the past.

Traian Nastase, managing partner of Isense Solutions said, “The fast development of the digital environment is pushing the limits in almost every field. It is not surprising that a payment instrument, which doesn’t know geographical borders, is becoming increasingly popular”. The poll acted as a confirmation to Romania’s growing interest of the Crypto world. It also affirmed that they do want to gather all possible opportunities that the digital coins have to give.

Cryptocurrencies have a very little regulations and that is why educating and correctly informing the investors is essential. About 44 percent of the Romanian people who are acquainted with Cryptocurrency are interested in using them as a mode of payment. A total of 500 urban Romanians participated in the poll through online activity.
The poll clearly proved that the under-40s were enthusiastic and encouraging of the rising digital sector and believed it’s potentiality to become the future of currency.

Popular Currencies :

The study also focused on finding the popularity of the Currencies known. 50 percent Romanians are aware of Bitcoins, 19 percent about Bitcoin Cash, 11 percent about Ethereum, 10 percent about Litecoin and 7 percent about the Etherum classic.

The effectiveness of the rising Crypto Sector in Romania is just a matter of time.


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