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A sixth grader writes a book about mastering Bitcoin.


An little guy of eleven, Andrew Courey has recently published a book on Bitcoin, named, “Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin : The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin.”

Andrew, a student of sixth grade considers himself to be extremely efficient in Bitcoins. He feels that with the emerging need to adapt to 21st century technological revolution, the younger generations should not be barred from knowing the unknown. That is why, the little guy has attempted to write a book on cryptocurrencies which his peers will understand.


Andrew belongs to Massachusetts and has high aspirations to be a millionaire by the time he is fourteen. He has also made an effort to make a deal with his parents that if he earns $20 million by then, he shall be allowed to drop out of school. This book has been written by Andrew after a lot of research and reading on the trending topic through various online sites.

In the Introduction, Andrew writes,
Today we will be learning about an online currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto, and by the end, you will become a master of bitcoin.
The little genius’ dad is a tech investor and he is the inspiration behind Andrew’s effort to write a book about bitcoin in a less complicated manner.


Andrew explains in an interview that anyone can master cryptocurrencies if he is willing to devote a lot of time in researching and knowledge gathering. He also said, that the book is written in a way that it is understandable to all.

About the book:

The book uses analogies to define what cryptocurrencies and blockchain are. In this comparison, Andrew writes that a blockchain is similar to a Google document which is “ shared with everyone and that can can only be edited by buying or selling bitcoin.”Added to this, he compares the bitcoin wallet with a mailbox,  where the mailman drives the mail to any mailbox but it the owner only who can access the mail.
Major Cryptocurrency concepts like Wallets, Mining, Initial Coin Offerings and other relevant theories behind the digital sector has been discussed in the book. To add the fun element, Andrew has also made space for a ‘fun fact’ at the end of every chapter.

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