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Slovenia Now Has a Bitcoin Monument by the Name of Roundabout Kranj


As many people as there are who like to criticize Bitcoin, the number of Bitcoin supporters cannot be taken lightly either.

While some of these supporters remain active on social media platforms to advocate for their favorite digital coin, a few go out of their way to commemorate what Bitcoin did for the world by being its first ever cryptocurrency – and these efforts are not limited to the virtual world either.

Roundabout kranj is a one of its kind bitcoin monument in slovenia

In what would be the world’s first ever monument to Bitcoin of its kind, Roundabout Kranj is going to act as a tangible nod of respect to the prime cryptocurrency.

As per the official website of the project, the planned monument in the city of Kranj is being supported by Slovenian technology firms such as BitStamp, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, and 3fs (Third Frame Studios), a software development company.

Through the Roundabout Kranj, the team behind the project aims to signify the effects that Bitcoin has had on the world by opening ways for people to connect globally. That is why the roundabout will be placed strategically between the streets of Oldhamska and Gregorciceva, allowing access through a single location but providing a passageway to multiple ways from there.

According to the official website, the planner for the project is Samo Kosnik, while the Municipality of Kranj will be involved with its opening.


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