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Steps towards Self-Regulation in Croatia and Slovenia


Two neighboring countries sharing a border, history and perspectives have expressed similar views about Crypto currency, Croatia and Slovenia. For block chain and Cryptocurrency investment Slovenia has become an increasing attractive country. Slovenia’s entrepreneurs and government is ready to work together. They will educate the people about the advantages of block chain technology. Slovenia is dubbed as a Silicon valley of Europe. But the reality is that the country could not capitalize investment in this area. As the block chain technology is spreading very fast all over the world it will be an opportunity for Slovenia to get closer to this ambitious vision.

Why Slovenia?

Slovenia is now new country for block chain and Crypto currency investments. New developments are taking place in the country. They are looking forward and seeking future in Crypto currency and block chain technology. There is more advantages in Slovenia because of it’s small area. As Slovenia is a small country that shares borders with Italy Austria, Croatia and Hungary.  Vasja Veber is the COO and co founder of vibrate. According to him not every single block chain company or startup has the possibility to meet with the several ministers and present ideas that can help the country.
Slovenia would be presented as a global block chain destination. The country want a deep access in the new market.
The Slovenian block chain companies are already closely cooperating and do not compete with each other.

Prime minister Miro Cedar, minister of economic development and technology Zdravko Pocivalsek, and other members of the government attended a meeting with block chain start ups on 14 February. The focus of the meeting was to modernize and digitize the country. They also discussed how this technology may produce in the country more effectively. Perhaps they understand the value of this technology for the future. Politicians also think this technology can help them to modernization.
Prime minister Miro Cerar commented ,” The government is aware of Slovenia’s involvement in the global flows, and with our vision of modernization and digitization promotion in all areas, we are bringing to the fore the introduction of new technologies. We thus recognize block chain technology as an exceptional opportunity: in this respect Slovenia is at the fore front and one of the most recognized place in the Europe. ”


In Croatia a new association hopes to lay the foundation of self regulation in the industry. In Croatia the block chain and Crypto currency association are helping in all cryptocurrency operations. From buying and selling Cryptocurrencies to Crypto payments and salary payouts in bitcoin.

UBIK intends to create a focused and strong community of people involved with the block chain technology and the domain of Cryptocurrency in Croatia. Providing knowledge and information about the Crypto economy is among its priorities. The Croatian Crypto association plans to help authorities and its members with legal , financial and technical support.


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