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Steven Seagal cuts off his ties with Bitcoiin ICO.


The Crypto-support from renowned figures generates large scale media exposure for the exchanges and even turns out to be a good way for the celebrities to earn some free tokens. But if a negative response is found lingering around the ICO, it might turn out to be a loss of reputation for the eminent figure endorsing that particular exchange. Steven Seagal seems to have comprehended this logic and decided to cut off his ties with Bitcoiin ICO.

Goodbye Steven Seagal.

The action hero of the 90s, Steven Seagal, has taken his decision to sign out as the official Brand Ambassador of Bitcoiin. Not only Seagal, but the founders of the ICO have given up their responsibilities at Bitcoiin.

The only positive remaining  of this is that, “As Bitcoiin goes through the conversion phase from token to mineable coin we wish to advise that Bitcoiin will join the likes of the original Bitcoin and become a truly open source. Therefore a big thank you to the Founders and to our Brand Ambassador whom we wish all the best in their future endeavors. However, from this point on Bitcoiin will function within its ecosystem and become a genuinely anonymous cryptocurrency with no individual or individuals having control over the entity!”

Seagal took up his role as the Brand Ambassador of Bitcoiin in February, 2018. With series of warnings and regulations taking a toll on the Crypto world, Seagal has decided that this role would be risky for his reputation.

A number of Central banks and governmental bodies have shown their concern regarding the final prospect of the Crypto sector. The safety and protection of the traders have also been a questionable matter. And hence, Seagal’s decision to quit his endorsement and avoid any risk to his reputation, doesn’t come as much of a surprise.


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