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Students of Chicago keen to study Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency


Chicago has been hosting a huge number of funds and has turned into a financial trading hub, worldwide. And it comes with no shock to hear that the students have shown interest in learning about the future of money, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin lessons.

The students of Finance, Computer Science and Business Management have shown keen interest in learning about Bitcoin and the blockchain technology. What’s even better is the fact that the professors have accepted the challenge and decided to meet their demands.
Even a year ago, learning about Bitcoin would have been considered as after-class fun but now it seems to be a validation of the future of the digital world.

And so Illinois Institute of Technology have geared up to offer its first session on blockchain. Professor Gib Bassett, head of finance department, will be teaching about Bitcoin after a decade due to the increased demands from the students. He said,”It’s crazy, it’s ridiculous, and their friends who invested three years ago are millionaires…There’s clearly a generational component to this”.

This step to introduce a study of Bitcoin is not so much about going ahead of the rest as much it is about not lagging behind. Ms Sarit Markovich, a professor at Kellogg School of Management, said that before it was hard for her to gather students for a course on cryptocurrency and now more than 50% of the students have become eager to learn what cryptocurrency is. She has been working on assigning a class dedicated for this subject in the MBA course.

Mr Andrew Miller of Electrical and Computer engineering at Illinois University is all set to teach about smart contracts. Enrollment was not an issue and seats filled in very fast since the students have found this subject, the future of digital economy which has opened up new doors of career options.


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