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Tech Hub raided by US Feds for Unauthorized Crypto Trading


On January 5, Wood TV (local news outlet) came up with a report that the federal agencies in the United States have raided the office of a science and tech center based in Michigan during an investigation related to cryptocurrencies.

According to the report presented by Wood TV, founder of ‘The Geek Group’, Chris Boden came out to make a live statement through youtube on Saturday, which was deleted in a rush.

Boden stated that his non-profit organisation (tech-oriented) was raided on December 21,  by the officials serving the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and DHS (Department of Homeland Security). He went on to say that  many of their computers along with various other equipment were confiscated and taken away from his workplace.

According to the reports of Wood TV, Boden made a statement saying that he was ‘commercially trading in cryptocurrency without the proper authorisation.’ The founder of ‘The Greek Group’ believes that he is not just suffering and facing federal prison tenure but is also spending a humongous amount of $100,000 concerning his legal expenses.

In the month of January, Boden used the medium of social media and posted on Facebook that he will be giving  a live statement for the public in an open Google Doc which at the moment reads ‘On the advice of legal council I will not comment further on the Government’s ongoing investigation.’ Previously, in the month of December, Coinflux – Romania’s largest cryptocurrency exchange’s CEO got arrested as a warrant was issued against him by the United States stating reasons of money laundering, fraud and organised crimes.

The office of a local organisation was also raided in the month of August by the South Korean police as the firm’s alleged crypto related scam guaranteed the investors the remains of a Russian warship which sank.


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