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Telegram director to launch cryptocurrency trading platform


Former Telegram director of special projects Mr Anton Rosenberg to launch a new cryptocurrrency trading platform to help blockchain start up stabilize their token price.
When open sales begins early investors drop their tokens. Mikado a crypto derivative platform will provide a solution for projects planning an initial coin offering to arrest price collapse. He told “many companies who are doing ICOs are trying to get investors’ attention by big bonuses and discounts without a understanding how it will affect the price after the ICO.”
Not at all like customary monetary markets where guarantors and market creators are helping organizations to structure their IPOs, ICO markets don’t have establishments and systems to design a slow arrival of fluid tokens, so Mikado will carry out this activity rather, Rosenberg said.

Mikado will issue a subsidiary for any tokens that are bolted up, for example, extra tokens for early financial specialists or tokens that are disseminated among the task’s representatives to animate their work. The task can exchange these bolted tokens to a uniquely made escrow record, and financial specialists will get subsidiary Mikado tokens (MKT) rather which can be sold. After the bolt up period is finished, the MKT tokens will be scorched and their holders will get proportionate measures of the first tokens they put resources into.

“Bolting up coins is an advantageous device, however not exceptionally effective,” Rosenberg said. “They can design a few bolt up periods, continuously discharge their tokens and control the exchanging volume. Mikado is promising a device to make a “steady ware based economy” on the crypto advertise.

Mikado does not plan to dispatch an underlying coin offering for its own particular token, with a specific end goal to abstain from having MKT delegated a security, said CEO Andrey Nayman. At the present time the task is applying for a circulated record innovation (DLT) permit in Gibraltar. After, the organization intends to enroll with the U.S. Securities and Trademark Commission.


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