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Thanatos, the ransomware scam that you should be aware of.


A malware software has been detected by experts which is spreading it’s virus in computers and claiming for Bitcoin Cash to allow users to use their files. According to a report from Bleeping computers, this ransomware software has been discovered by security professionals from MalwareHunter.

This infection generates an encrypted file but ways to unlock the file is not made available. Once the computer is compromised there is no distinct ways to open your files. Moreover, even if you do pay the asked ransom, there’s very little possibility of saving back your files. Users have been asked to not make any payment and contact cyber security cell instead.

Once the computer is attacked, the extensions gets transformed into .THANATOS and a note called README.txt emerges everytime the user tries to log in which asks for $200 in virtual money.
It is the first cyber scam to ask for Bitcoin Cash payment along with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Cryptocurrencies are on a rapid state of acceptance for a mode of payment for online Blackmails. According to reports by CCN, about 34 malware schemes have been detected in just two years which was worth $25 million. Most attackers were making use of Bitcoin Cash to recover their sources.

Bitcoin Cash has been used many a times to disguise money sources and this cyber crime needs attention from global platforms to come to an informed solution. A detailed guideline has been provided by Bleeping Computers to save one’s data and how some of the best anti-virus software could be used to let your computer not become a sacrifice to another such destruction.

With this, keep backing up your data, update your operating system and keep multiple passwords. You shall do fine but again, this will not reduce the possibilities of virus attacks down to zero, it shall just reduce the chances of another possible attack.


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