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ThinkCoin Private Sale Currently In Progress


With several cryptocurrency projects making their debut every day, it is getting harder and harder for new projects to make their mark amongst the growing competition.

However, that is not stopping ThinkCoin, whose team believes that the project has what it takes to establish itself as a market leader in its industry.

ThinkCoin is a blockchain based platform which would facilitate the trading of various assets through its platform the likes of shares, stocks, Forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies by the usage of its own cryptocurrency.

The ThinkCoin project is described by its creators as having been created for the purpose of “trading and investing,” since the project and platform is based on the idea of promoting trading practices through blockchain in order for the everyday user to see the benefits of using blockchain for trading purposes as compared to their existing website of choice.

The project also incorporates the usage of artificial intelligence (AI), which would be used to help and assist its users by providing them with predictive models of future trades, among other functions.

By these and a slew of new features, ThinkCoin wants to establish itself as an actual intelligent coin for traders and usual users alike.

The project currently has its initial coin offering (ICO) private sale in process. This will be followed by its presale on March 27.


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