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Thought Network to Exchange AI Data for Development Companies


With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in various capacities, the need for new operations to consider this technological innovation in their own solutions is also increasing.

However, the research for AI is largely dependent on existing data. If you do not have sufficient data to analyze and feed to the AI that you are trying to develop, then it would really not gather any intelligence of the level that would keep it relevant and competitive in the cutthroat technological world.

The availability of large scale data is just as important to an AI’s development and success as a proper education is imperative for someone to be a medical professional or a lawyer. If one does not have the right education, then they would never achieve specialized training and intelligence that they need to do their job.

While large scale companies such as Facebook and Google have all the data in the world to feed to their under-development AI systems, smaller solutions and research facilities get beat when it comes to this aspect, since they do not have the kind of data that is required to fulfill their AI development.

Thought network provides ai data to smaller companies

A blockchain based platform called the Thought Network aims to stabilize the haphazard balance of data that is currently being noticed between large scale companies and smaller ventures.

The network will create an ecosystem where users will be able to exchange, share and sell data to AI research operations, so that information could be leveraged towards further research into AI.

The users will also be able to sell their developed algorithms and solutions through the Thought Network.

By providing these unconventional services, the Thought Network plans to be the pioneer in the AI industry, where it could be the marketplace to initiate, develop and sell AI based data and solutions without the users and companies having to go through different doors.

The network is being backed by the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and already has a patent for the way that it plans to use data management. The network will use its native toke to fuel different operations on its platform, which users can buy through its ICO and could trade later when the token is available on different exchanges.

Having concluded its pre-sale on the 13th of March, the Thought Network will start the public sale for its initial coin offering (ICO) on Pi Day, the 14th of March.



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