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Title: 5 Partnerships That Could Make Litecoin The Best Cryptocurrency


Almost since its inception, Litecoin’s reputation has been somewhat like a younger sibling among cryptocurrencies. However, this is a bit misleading given that it’s older than most other cryptocurrencies, but because it’s almost set up as a lightweight bitcoin, the reputation makes some sense. Litecoin is almost structured to stay this way. However, since cryptocurrency has been taking its time in order to be categorized as a useful form of money, there is a lot of open space for competition. Furthermore, Litecoin is still considered as one of the most popular cryptos for investments. Within this environment, there are some partnerships that Litecoin could theoretically latch onto in order to spur mass adoptions and become more competitive in the world of cryptos.

Amazon – Amazon is a holy grail for cryptocurrencies. It is one of the largest and the most popular store on the planet. Provided that Amazon allowed its users to buy products using any one cryptocurrency, the demand for that currency would, in theory, skyrocket. Most of the masses believe that Amazon is resistant to this idea, and others suggest that the company will launch its own cryptocurrency. However, this doesn’t change the fact that if Amazon enables Litecoin as a method of payment, the trajectory of Litecoin, as well as Amazon, would witness drastic growths.

PayPal – PayPal is a perplexing idea as a lot of people consider PayPal to be a direct competition to cryptocurrencies. Looking at it logically, this makes sense as both the products are at base levels and facilitate digital payments. However, PayPal is limited to being a method of transferring money and not a digital currency. It is conceivable that PayPal could be tweaked to handle crypto transactions as well. This would have a significant impact given that PayPal’s user base is a lot more than that of any crypto exchange. It is certain that if PayPal adopts Litecoin in particular, it would again have a major impact.

888sport – 888sport is a leader in the domain of sports betting around the world, and is one of the most recognized platforms in this category. There are a few betting sites that do accept cryptocurrencies, though none of them are significant. If Litecoin were to be adopted by 888sport in order to facilitate wagers, it would lead to a massive volume in crypto transactions and make the coin a lot more desirable. This also implies to various similar influential sites. However, 888sport is particularly noteworthy since the platform is picking up real quick in the state of New Jersey, where sportsbooks are only just becoming legal. What works in New Jersey will be applied ultimately across most parts of the U.S., so it’s conceivable that Litecoin could become the entire country’s preferred digital currency for betting.

Facebook – It’s almost easy to forget that Facebook Messenger already has a built-in peer-to-peer payment system, and has been there for a while now. Messengers peer-to-peer payment system is used more than you might expect, and here as well,  Litecoin could be built in with relative ease, at least from a conceptual standpoint.

Starbucks – It has been made very clear that you can not buy Starbucks coffee using cryptocurrency, because the company is openly against the idea. However, it’s also important to note that Starbucks already handles an incredibly high number of digital transactions. Moreover, it has been seen that the Starbucks app alone does more business in a year as compared to Apple Pay, which is fairly remarkable. Essentially what this means is that paying for coffee digitally is a proven model, which means if the company ever changes its mind and embraces Litecoin, it would be a fast and easy adoption.


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