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Tron Might Officially Partner With Ethereum in 2019


During an interview on Crypto Chick podcast dated April 6, Justin Sun, founder and CEO – Tron (TRX) alleged that he believes that the Tron ecosystem will officially be joining hands with ETH (Ethereum) in 2019. To be more accurate, Mr. Sun stated that he thinks “even within this year we will see Tron even collaborate, officially collaborate, with Ethereum.” In response to a question on Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s recent tweets about Tron, Sun stated that he thinks “competition brings a better product.”

The CEO of Tron further said that “I think in the future we will even collaborate with lots of Ethereum developers and also the enterprises built on Ethereum before to make the industry better.”According to  Justin Sun, Tron’s second layer scalability solution will escalate transactions for a minimum of 100 times while they also reduce fees drastically. According to Sun, this will deploy in the second quarter of 2019. Mr. Sun also tweeted about the project – also called “Sun Network,” however, did not mention a launch date.

Justin Sun while on the podcast noted that USDT (Tether) (Tron based stablecoin) is ready to float on April 9 this year. Concerning this, Mr. Sun strongly believes that the Tron based version of the Stalwart stablecoin will enable faster and low-cost transactions as compared to the BTC (Bitcoin) based Omni protocol USDT. Tron’s CEO further claims that in the second quarter of 2019, Tron will come up with a “new network with a privacy option,” mostly working on the technology adopted by ZEC (Zcash).

As reported in the previous month, two of the significant cryptocurrency exchanges namely, Huobi Global (Singapore based) and OKEx (Malta-based)  have extended support to the Tron-based version of USDT. On Friday, Radar (startup responsible for decentralized exchange dubbed Radar Relay) which  raised $10 million in 2018 announced that it would be releasing a set of new developing tools essentially for Lightning network (blockchain scalability tool.)


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