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Two Russian Regions to Develop Large Scale Crypto Mining


Kaliningrad and Leningrad, two Russian  governors have indicated their readiness to accommodate large Crypto mining facilities. These two regions are ready to give all the facilities to miners. They want that bitcoin mining should come out from garages and should be developed as a industry. As the weather suits to bitcoin miners. Kaliningrad and Leningrad are ready to welcome miners. They are now pressing Moscow for regulations.


Kaliningrad citizens are interested in mining. Anton Alihanov ,the governor of the region said “Russian investment Forum in Sochi, in the future the region may become one huge mining farm,”. “We have a lot of people that show interest in Crypto mining. But doing every thing right is very complicated and you don’t want to set the house on fire”, Alihanov said. ” That’s why we have a mining hotel where guys know how to set up the cooling systems, so that nothing gets burned, ” the official added.

Alihanov also noted that strawberries in greenhouses need heating. So the heat that will be produce due to mining can be used in growing strawberries. To heat the greenhouses a mining farm can be built close to the strawberry field .


In Leningrad the authorities plan to create a technical park for Crypto currency miners bordering the federal city of saint Petersburg. Other local officials are also interested to conduct mining business in their region. The governor admitted he had some “rich experience” with stock trading in the past. “Stocks, bonds, futures, these are very risky things. I don’t have funds that I am ready to part with any moment. For now I keep my distance,” said by Anton Alhinov. He added further, however, that when Crypto markets became more stable, he may have a second thought.

Governor Alexander Drozdenko revealed that the techno park will be built on the premises of the nuclear power plant in Sosnovy Bor. The Leningrad atomic electro station will be decommissioned in 2020-2021. Leningrad administration and Rosatom have already approved the project to mine cryptos at LAES. Drozdenko said “What we need for mining is cheap electrical energy, coiling systems and reliable transmission grid. We have all that at the Leningrad NPP.”


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