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University of Nevado partners with IoT Firm to Develop Driverless Vehicle Blockchain Tech


According to a press release dated April 23, one of the projects at the University of Nevada, Reno is working on an autonomous vehicle project based on the principles of blockchain technology.

Reports further explain that the Intelligent Mobility project, harmonized by Reno, University of Nevada and NCAR (Nevada Center of Applied Research) has chosen IoT (internet of things) and enterprise blockchain firm Filament in order to come up with an autonomous vehicle smart city project.

As per the press release, the initiative based on blockchain intends to enhance safety and communication amongst driverless connected vehicles and the infrastructure in the surroundings.

The director of the NCAR (Nevada Center of Applied Research) cleared further that the growing quantity of connected cars on the roads multiplies the amount of numerous IoT devices, which have the potential to create vulnerabilities. As it is, the intention behind implementing blockchain is to expand data integrity quality.

As the press release notes, the University of Nevada will soon be launching replicated testing of Filament’s Blocklett technology, which is a tool specifically designed to power connected machines with transactive value with the use of distributed ledger technology. Reports suggest that coming together of the tech will permanently enable a record of events which is trustworthy by allowing verified data exchange using blockchain transactions.

Allison Clift-Jennings, CEO Filament said that the University of Nevada’s test cars would only accept Blocklet varified data transmissions while safeguarding them from harmful elements or man in the middle attacks.

It was reported yesterday that Hyundai Motor Group, South Korean Automobile Giant will be using blockchain technology in its new tech in order to pair electric vehicles with smartphones. Also, as per previous reports, IBM (global tech giant) acquired a blockchain patent on a new development in order to manage data and intentions for self-driving cars.


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