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VC funding in blockchain-based companies to exceed 2017 numbers


Crunchbase News released a report on February 27, which revealed that the total amount of venture capital fundraising procured by blockchain based companies so far in the first 2 months of 2018 has already reached a whooping 40% of last year’s total of the same.

The study indentified such companies on basis of self-reference, i.e., they made a list of all the organisations that categorised itself on its website as being related to “Bitcoin”, “Blockchain”, “Etherium” or “Virtual Currency”. They also added keywords “digital currency” and “utility token” to their broad based search.

This expansive list also included the companies that had lead Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) this year. All put together, the total number of companies that formed the analysis came to around 2,900.

Looking at the infograph of venture investments in Blockchain and Blockchain adjacent startups, excluding ICOs, the report found that the rather erratic movement of bitcoin’s price since January 2018 did not deter venture investments from taking a steady upward turn.

The report also went on to mention some of the biggest venture fund raising rounds that have taken place so far. This included Russian blockchain cargo tracking platform QUASA, the crypto wallet called Ledger and the blockchain tech firm called Harbor Platform.

The data also revealed that there was a mixed participation of investors. There are the mainstream investors, as well as, segment specific investors. Venture firms like Digital Currency Group, for instance, participate exclusively in blockchain oriented rounds. They recently announced their interest and stake in the crypto friendly bank, the Silvergate Bank.

However, the report also disillusioned this wave as it highlighted that this increased participation in fundraising for blockchain and blockchain adjacent companies was a trend seen in a handful of countries with the Unites States in the lead followed by United Kingdom, Singapor and Switzerland (not in any specific order of rankings).



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