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Votem and Civic Join Hands to Pilot Decentralized KYC Solutions for ICO


Votem, a blockchain based voting platform, has joined hands with another blockchain platform by the name of Civic, which works for identity-verification in order to provide ease of access while ensuring transparency and authenticity of shared information for its users.

Through the collaboration, Votem will utilize Civic’s identity verification technology in order to authenticate the identity of interested investors for Votem’s sale of “Secure Agreements for Future Tokens” (SAFT) for its VAST token – which works to fuel Votem’s platform functionalities such as the creation and executing of voting programs.

By using Civic’s technology which ensures that all the information which is being provided is correct while also protecting user data, Votem aims to be the trendsetter in the world of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and token sales by employing state of the art know your customer (KYC) measures in order to ensure that its offerings as well as its users remain protected from any foul play.

Both companies are confident that through this initiative, they will be able to provide a never seen before demonstration of this KYC procedure for ICOs, which could also go on to be leveraged by companies holding their own token sales in the future.

Votem’s public pre-sale is currently live on its website and will end on the 29th of March.


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