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During the initial years of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, who would have have imagined that such rapid expansion and growth might have occurred? With the world’s budding interest in digitalization, the success of the cryptocurrency sector seems to be of some relevance. The digitalization of the financial system is Bitcoin’s first successful move in catering to safe, secure transactions without being questioned about it’s genuineness and authenticity.

The secure, ledger system that Cryptocurrencies utilize has disclosed a world of new possibilities in exchanges. This safe and competent system, allows a range of digital assets to be transacted as well. Lower fees, privatization of payments, and a number of other pluses are what Cryptocurrencies have got to provide. With the advancement of the digital market, Crypto’s further success is just a matter of time.

The world’s leading companies including Deloitte, PwC, KPMG are progressing towards Blockchain acceptance but the only huddle in it’s way, is the absence of blockchain expertise. Even though education on blockchain, is a necessary stance, it is unfulfilled since there is no place to learn the skills needed.
Extra Credit comes as a boon to this problem by providing the students, a platform to educate themselves on Bitcoin and other authentic exchanges. Updating your existing knowledge on Cryptos or having a beginner’s step in understanding the blockchain? This is the exact platform that you might be looking for. Not only this, chances to earn XTRA tokens at the end of the course is the given benefit that comes along with the knowledge.

Moreover, opportunities to earn through different revenue firms is what the company affirms. These are commission fees, paid sponsorships and promotions. The world’s dire need to unravel the limitless horizons of digital economy allows Extra Credit to turn one of the best opportunities in technical market. The course offers an in-depth study of the blockchain technologies and any other specializations as per the student’s requirement.

Students at Extra Credit will also be provided various ways of earning through the platform which include:
• Course Commission Fees for courses provided by Content Contributors
• Paid Course Promotions from Contributors/Industry Sponsors
• Paid Sponsorship Courses (for Free or paid courses to promote approved products/services)
• Advertisements

Once a student start earning in the limelight incomes will progress towards Support and Development team Salaries, Ongoing Platform Developments, Marketing and Promotion and a few other streams.
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