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Wright ignores accusations of plagiarism.


Craig Steven Wright, an Australian Computer scientist and a businessman who is also popular as a researcher in blockchain technology, has been criticized for “incidents of plagiary” in his research works.

Mr Wright and Jimmy Nguyen founded the company nChain that claims to analyse blockchain and it’s development. Recently nChain has secured it’s very first patent endorsed by European Patent Office regarding blockchain-enforced smart contracts. Turns out that some of his opponents have raised the issue of lack of originality on the researchers works of Wright.

Peter Rizun, a chief scientist of Bitcoin Unlimited, is resourceful and knowledgeable enough to point the incident of plagiary. Of course, the rivalry between these popular crypto-enthusiasts is well known. Wright published his paper “The fallacy of Selfish Mining” in July of 2017. The concern raised by Peter is that the paper mentions about gambling system but it does not mention the source of it which is said to be from the publication of Wen Liu and Jinting Wang, “the strong limit their on gambling system”.

Wright has ignored the charges he is held for by saying that it was the job of a “professional academic editing company” who does the edit works on the drafts that he sends. Moreover, developers of Omni Blockchain has also questioned Wright’s work. According to them, the idea of embedding data in public keys was already in use by Omni in 2013.

Once again to such accusations, Wright tweeted positively, by stating, “The interesting thing on not having a citation on a draft that is read by a group of seeking anything to discredit me…
Many mathematicians and game theorist who would never have bothered with something like selfish mining now see the paper”.

It seems that Mr Criag Wright is indeed a very optimistic person who has found out a good publicity from this controversy.


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