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Xdite Runs for Mayor of Taipei City


Xdite, owner & CEO of OTCBTC, has recently revealed that she is going to run for the position of the Mayor of the capital of Taiwan, Taipei City. According to her “Most politicians [in Taipei City] have very little understanding of technology. So it’s really hard to make things happen by pushing them.” This is why she has decided to contest for the post.

This announcement by the successful businessperson, hacker, and educator has surprised the crypto world as standing for a political position is a big risk this is a big risk. However, the native of China is all about taking risks and consistently challenging herself. She wants to help bring the capital city she loves, of nearly 3 million people, a young and forward-looking government

“I am not losing my mind,” she says, “I am running for mayor for one reason: to make Taipei great again. Let’s make Taipei the pioneer blockchain city in Asia. Taipei has great potential to be a blockchain city. It is near Japan, Korea, and China. It is regulation friendly. Blockchain is all about a financial revolution. Taipei has the environment to make it happen.”

OTCBTC is the largest crypto exchange of its kind in Asia. She said that  “ [as the] former CTO of, the largest ICO platform in the world. I have very deep knowledge of the ICO economy/operation/design.I am experienced in the Ed-Tech space. I used to run the world’s largest online coding camp (500 people participated in the first phase and we had a retention rate of 40 percent). I have over 10 years experience as a developer. I founded and maintained several large-scale internet products. On top of that, I am very good at solving real-world problem using internet products. I won the Global Grand Prize at the 2012 Hackathon hosted by Facebook.”

“Taipei used to be a very advanced city,” she points out, “But after 20 years things have stagnated and the law became outdated. The political figures remain the same, but the economy is not that good. As an entrepreneur, we hope all politicians can listen to us; To make it startup-friendly. Even to understand the industry a little bit. At the very least, don’t create roadblocks for future innovation! Those that truly understand the importance of technology have little money and/or influence. Or maybe they just want to stay out of trouble.”


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