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Young South Koreans Prefer Cryptocurrency Investments


Even with the growing talks of regulation over cryptocurrencies amongst the most influential financial entities in the world, the interest keeps growing for new users and the trust keeps getting stronger for old traders in the cryptocurrency industry.

Most of these people who trust cryptocurrency investments over fiat and sometimes also hold experience in doing so also seem to have another factor in common between themselves, which is their age.

It was recently reported by South Korean publication Yonhap that 20-something citizens of the country seem to have more interest in cryptocurrencies as opposed to their older counterparts. This is interesting, since a recent poll in Romania mentioned that younger Romanians are more interested in cryptocurrencies than they are in fiat.

According to details, the survey had been conducted with more than 2,500 people that had been aged between 25 and 63 years.

Around 22.7 percent of people in their 20s mentioned that they had purchased cryptocurrencies in the past; while 19.3 percent of people in their 30s expressed the same.

These figures show a stark contrast between the number of total participants of the survey, where only 13.9 percent people had mentioned that they had bought cryptocurrency in the past – regardless of their age.

It was also mentioned that around 70.2 percent of these investors mentioned that they purchased cryptocurrencies with the intent of investment, with only 34.1 percent stating that they had bought them as a means of payment.

With younger citizens being interested in making investments in cryptocurrencies, it remains to be seen how the government would react to this in the future – in addition to the regulations that it has already passed for cryptocurrencies.


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