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ZeroEdge.Bet Aims to Revolutionize Gambling


ZeroEdge is an online casino which aims to revolutionize the gambling industry by focusing on providing its players with zero percent house edge games the likes of roulette, blackjack, and video poker.

By offering these games and various others like them, ZeroEdge aims to set itself apart from its counterparts by providing its players with equal chances of winning against the house.

Along with these zero percent house edge games, ZeroEdge will also provide its users with a sportsbook which will also come with the assurance of zero percent commission bets, establishing ZeroEdge as a game changer in the online gambling industry.

The casino will have its own cryptocurrency by the name of Zerocoin, which will be required to play these offered games and avail the betting services offered by the casino.

The exchange aims for the token price to increase within the next few years, once more people start utilizing the platform to play and increase the token’s demand as a result.

The token is currently available through a pre-sale, which is expected to end by the 15th of March. The pre-sale comes with a bonus of 79 percent discount as well.

Gambling Industry in Crypto

The Gambling Industry in cryptocurrencies seem to picking up as there are a lot of players catering to the needs and wants of the consumers in various ways, with prominent players like Funfair and others, its starting to become very competitive. We’ll be able to see results this year in who will be able to make great progress.


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